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What is Neosigner?

Neosigner is a digital tool designed to facilitate the process of signing PDF documents electronically. It provides a secure and convenient way to add legally binding electronic signatures to PDF files.

How does Neosigner work?

Neosigner utilizes advanced cryptographic technology to create digital signatures. When a user signs a PDF document using Neosigner, the software generates a unique digital signature that is securely attached to the document. This signature verifies the authenticity and integrity of the document, ensuring that any modifications to the file can be detected.

Is Neosigner legally recognized?

Neosigner adheres to various international standards and regulations related to electronic signatures, such as eIDAS in the European Union and the ESIGN Act in the United States. These standards establish the legal validity of electronic signatures, making them legally equivalent to handwritten signatures in many jurisdictions.

What is a PDF signer?

A PDF signer is a software or tool that enables users to add electronic signatures to PDF documents. It allows individuals or organizations to sign PDF files digitally, eliminating the need for physical signatures and paper-based processes.

Is it possible to sign multiple PDF documents at once using a PDF signer?

Yes, many PDF signers offer batch or bulk signing capabilities. This feature allows users to select multiple PDF documents and sign them all at once, saving time and effort.

Why should I use a PDF signer?

Using a PDF signer offers several benefits, such as convenience (signing from anywhere at any time), efficiency (faster process compared to paper-based signatures), cost savings (less printing and paperwork), security (encryption to protect your documents), and an audit trail (record of the signing process).

Do I need an internet connection to use a PDF signer?

It depends on the PDF signer you choose. Some require an internet connection, while others offer offline signing options for situations when you don’t have internet access.